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Outstanding Peace Activist

The Luxembourg Peace Prize for Outstanding Peace Activist seeks to recognize a person or an organization with a track record of peace and someone who will leave a legacy of peace as either creating an absence of war or as creating a culture of peace.


Jack Sim

Jack Sim is the founder of the Restroom Association of Singapore, the World Toilet Organization, the
World Toilet Day Initiative and Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) Hub.


Ervin Laszlo

and the members of the Club of Budapest

Ervin Laszlo is a Hungarian philosopher, founder and President of the International Think Tank Club of Budapest.


Women Wage Peace

Women Wage Peace is the largest non-partisan grassroots movement in Israel.

Abdoulrazzak Halim


Halim Abdoulrazzak

Halim was the 41st refugee to arrive in Hall 6, Luxembourg in 2015. Since then, he has been volunteering with Musicare and the Red Cross, to help refugees settle in their newly adopted countries.


Patricia Pellegrini

Mrs. Patricia Pellegrini has worked tirelessly with tens of thousands of children, through the Arts, in order to bring the message of Peace and Brotherhood to their schools and homes.


Roberto Martin Kletzel

Art Curator and Publisher, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Raphael Pitti


Prof. Dr. Raphael Pitti

War medicine specialist who shape for UOSSM Syrian doctors treat war wounds has worked to make this aid convoy from the Aleppo population that lives under constant bombardment.


Mr. Boualem Sansal

He began writing novels at the age of 50 after retiring from his job as a high-ranking official in the Algerian government. The assassination of President Mohamed Boudiaf in 1992 and the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in Algeria inspired him to write about his country.

2018 Luxembourg Peace Prize

June, 2018
Robert Schuman Building 5
Place de l’Europe
Luxembourg City, Kirchberg