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Outstanding Environmental Peace

The Luxembourg Peace Prize for Outstanding Environmental Peace seeks to recognize a person, organization, or physical area which builds peace directly and/or promotes culture of peace via environmental initiatives or practices in a broad range of themes, including Food Systems, Water Management, Forestry, Coastal Resources, Climate Change, and Urban Ecology.



The SEKEM initiative was founded to realize the vision of sustainable human development. Its mission is the development of the individual, society, and environment through a holistic concept which integrates economic, societal and cultural life.


Steven M. Druker

Steven M. Druker is a public interest attorney who founded the Alliance for Bio-Integrity and, as its executive director, initiated a lawsuit that forced the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to divulge its files on genetically engineered (GE) foods.

2018 Luxembourg Peace Prize

June, 2018
Robert Schuman Building 5
Place de l’Europe
Luxembourg City, Kirchberg