2014 Outstanding Peace Education

Year of Birth: 1958

Place of Birth: Uruguay

Nationality: Uruguayan

Year granted award: 2014

Award Category: Outstanding Peace Education

Work Title: International Activities Director, General Coordinator of Living Peace International Project

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Work Description

International Activities Director

  • to provide international group work activities to create a better students’ leadership as great peacemakers in the global community
  • to develop students’ personality in order to be more critical thinking, taking their own responsibilities in the society;
  • to interact with students from all over the world to be more integrated into the whole humanity as their own big global family;
  • establish, in conjunction with Schools principals and other Activities Coordinators, international activities Master Calendar to be updated and made available to the schools, students, and community;
  • make schedules and preparatory arrangements for international activities inside and outside the countries (Congresses, Forums, Festivals, students exchanges, Pen Pal program, International Peace Art competitions etc.).

Living Peace General Coordinator

  • founder and coordinator of a project of Peace Educacion involving 500 schools and Associations in 113 countries;
  • create mini and macro peace projects to apply in collaboration with 20 International Peace Organizations;
  • coordinate the L.P. World Youths Peace Conference.
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