2017 Outstanding Peace Activist

Year of Birth: 1932

Place of Birth: Budapest, Hungary

Nationality: Hungarian

Year granted award: 2017

Work Title: Scientist, Philosopher

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Work Description

Ervin Laszlo is a Hungarian philosopher, founder and President of the International Think Tank Club of Budapest.

The Club of Budapest is an International Organization founded in 1993 by Ervin Laszlo. It stands for planetary consciousness and its mission is to be a catalyst for the transformation to a sustainable World. The Club perceives itself as a builder of bridges between science and art, ethics and economy, between cognition and realization, between old and young, as well as between the different cultures of the world. One of the prime objectives of the work of the club is the initiative “You Can Change the World”.

Outstanding Peace Technology
Outstanding Peace Journalism
Outstanding Environmental Peace
Outstanding Art for Peace
Outstanding Inner Peace