Contribute to the Peacemaking Projects of Our Laureates

Please support the Luxembourg Peace Prize in its goal to connect peacemakers and amplify their voices.
With your donation, we enable outstanding peacemakers across 13 categories to come together to share best practices and network.
We share their best practices and positive messages on social media.
For awardees with financial need, we will follow a project they submit and contribute to it financially.
Building peace from the grass roots up is our aim, and to do this with the experts in the field of peace building.

More than 85 outstanding peacemakers have been honored to date.
The Luxembourg Peace Prize has more categories of peace for the longest time we are told.

Sponsor a category from 2000 euros. Sponsor someone’s lunch for 20 euros. All are appreciated.
All donations go towards the networking events and the laureates and their projects.
Schengen Peace Foundation is 100% volunteer without overhead costs.

You can also use the bank details below to make a contribution to the peacemaking projects of our laureates.