2016 Outstanding Peace Activist

Year of Birth: 1962

Place of Birth: Amuda, Syria

Nationality: Syrian

Year granted award: 2016

Award Category: Outstanding Peace Activist

Work Title: Volunteer at Hall 6 in Luxexpo

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Work Description

Halim Abdoulrazzak was born 1 January 1962 in Amuda, Syria. He was the 41st refugee to arrive in Hall 6, Luxembourg in 2015. He has been a volunteer, working with Musicare and the Red Cross, to help refugees settle in their newly adopted countries. In Syria, Halim was an antique dealer.

The smiling face at the end of a long journey

Syrian antiques dealer Halim Abdoulrazzak’s friendly smily face is a welcome ray of sunshine for the displaced people who first arrive in Luxembourg.

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