2023 Outstanding INNER Peace

Year granted award: 2023

Award Category: Outstanding Inner Peace

Work Description

Pioneering inner peace for a thriving global community.

The WellBeing Planet, a non-profit foundation, has undertaken a transformative mission to enhance the well-being of the planet by exploiting the power of emotional and social neuroscience. With a holistic approach to global well-being, the foundation strives to cultivate inner peace, protect mental health, promote reforestation and actively engage in significant climate change discussions.

At the core of the Well Being Planet’s vision is the belief that inner peace is the foundation for a thriving global community. The foundation seeks to empower individuals and communities with the tools and knowledge necessary to cultivate inner peace and holistic well-being.

Koncha Pinos, the director of the Well Being Planet, with a deep commitment to mental health guides the foundation’s efforts to create opportunities for a mainstream education, planting trees and actively participating in climate change meetings. She envisions a harmonious future where the well being of humanity and nature are bounded.

As the Well Being Planet continues to expand its reach through the establishment of new headquarters, the last one in the United Arab Emirates, their commitment to global well being remains unwavering.

“There is no future, success or well-being if there is no inner peace”

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